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Lethal Concept Invades Twitter

April 6, 2010 Lethal Concept

The Fail Whale must be sweating his fins out, because Lethal Concept and its cronies are on Twitter now! Better yet, you are invited to join us and share your post-apocalyptic news and tweets across the Twitosphere.  Here are our accounts:  Lethal Concept: http://twitter.com/LethalConcept  Sigoya: http://twitter.com/Sigoya   Thor: http://twitter.com/Thorm  KewlDude: http://twitter.com/Stymer  TekHedd: http://twitter.com/TekHedd  TekHedd: http://twitter.com/HellSonix Plus, you can always catch us lurking […]

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Apokalypsos in the Media

May 28, 2009 Apokalypsos

1UP.com is featuring an interesting article by Julian Murdoch about the demise of MMOs and the communities left abandoned in their wake. I’ve talked to Julian about our team’s Auto Assault experiences and how it helped launch out own project. Better yet, we got a nod to Apokalypsos as a bonus: But for the true […]

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Lethal Concept Announces Official Launch of Apokalypsos Website

December 30, 2007 Apokalypsos

LETHAL CONCEPT ANNOUNCES OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF APOKALYPSOS WEBSITE MEDIA ADVISORY Lethal Concept is proud to announce today the official website launch for Apokalypsos, the post-apocalyptic MMORPG debut title. Apokalypsos will let you explore and rediscover the wastelands of North America, on foot and in vehicles, in both first and 3rd person modes. Players will enter […]

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