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Apokalypsos | Lethal Concept


0.1 – Early Steps

July 28, 2012 Blog

When I started developing Heka, I only had a rough idea of how it would look and work. I read several articles on component design and knew the Torque Engine quite well, but by and large, I was flying blind. This was not so much because I didn’t know what I’m doing, but more so […]

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0.0 – Building Heka

July 28, 2012 Blog

It was roughly two years ago, when Phil Carlisle told me about the Component Architecture and how he uses it in his game project. The idea literally exploded in my Mind and I had to try it. So I forked out a vanilla copy of Torque 3D (1.1 beta 3, later upgraded to 1.1 final), […]

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A.I. Ah! Uh! … What is it good for?

August 15, 2010 A.I.

…absolutely nothing… Stop.Stop.Stop! But i think you got the hint  Hello again peeps, Since I’m still searching for a related topic that doesn’t necessarily end up in a code orgy, I’m here today (and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow… guess I don’t go out a lot) to tell you about things you can do […]

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A Generic Approach to NPC A.I.

August 5, 2010 A.I.

Ok, welcome back! Today ill go into a bit more detail on how generic approaches help create reasonable NPCs, how this can be achieved and what other merits it bears. Like i stated in the introduction post, most actions are generic. Actually, how intelligent or dumb someone in real life seems if most of the […]

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New Concept Art & Forum Updates

August 3, 2010 A.I.

It’s been a while but the Apokalypsos team is still marching forward with new developments and a little something for the community to enjoy. Concept Art section is featuring now five new characters: Rebels paramilitary commanders Huda and Jobard, Reformers leaders Chasca and Poco Caliente, and Camp Zero’s biggest pimp & underlord Big Vane. In addition to […]

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Apokalypsos & A.I. : An Introduction

July 29, 2010 A.I.

Hi Folks, first of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Simon Wittenberg and I’m responsible for the A.I. in Apokalypsos. I had this Forum created to tell you about the ongoing development in my department. In a (hardly) weekly series ill talk about the general aspects of A.I. in game development, the very approach we […]

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Apokalypsos Fansite Webkit Released

July 2, 2010 Apokalypsos

You asked us for it, and we delivered! The first official Apokalypsos fansite kit, jam-packed with high quality avatars, flags, logos, icons, wallpapers, posters, concept art and original photoshop files for creating your own art and sites. Download the compressed file HERE and don’t forget to share with us your creations on our official forums!

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New Apokalypsos Characters Revealed

June 14, 2010 Apokalypsos
Thumbnail image for New Apokalypsos Characters Revealed

As promised we’ve released four new characters from the world of Apokalypsos, available for your viewing pleasure in our Downloads section! Character bios and info will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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Project Apokalypsos Upgrading to Torque 3D

May 20, 2010 Apokalypsos

In the next few months, Project Apokalypsos will be upgrading its game engine to the Garage Games’ latest offering, the all powerful and shiny Torque 3D! T3D promises to streamline the art pipeline with full Collada support, new and easy road and river construction tools, polished graphics and much more. Check the full feature list […]

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Lethal Concept Invades Twitter

April 6, 2010 Lethal Concept

The Fail Whale must be sweating his fins out, because Lethal Concept and its cronies are on Twitter now! Better yet, you are invited to join us and share your post-apocalyptic news and tweets across the Twitosphere.  Here are our accounts:  Lethal Concept: http://twitter.com/LethalConcept  Sigoya: http://twitter.com/Sigoya   Thor: http://twitter.com/Thorm  KewlDude: http://twitter.com/Stymer  TekHedd: http://twitter.com/TekHedd  TekHedd: http://twitter.com/HellSonix Plus, you can always catch us lurking […]

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Apokalypsos in the Media

May 28, 2009 Apokalypsos

1UP.com is featuring an interesting article by Julian Murdoch about the demise of MMOs and the communities left abandoned in their wake. I’ve talked to Julian about our team’s Auto Assault experiences and how it helped launch out own project. Better yet, we got a nod to Apokalypsos as a bonus: But for the true […]

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Lethal Concept Announces Official Launch of Apokalypsos Website

December 30, 2007 Apokalypsos

LETHAL CONCEPT ANNOUNCES OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF APOKALYPSOS WEBSITE MEDIA ADVISORY Lethal Concept is proud to announce today the official website launch for Apokalypsos, the post-apocalyptic MMORPG debut title. Apokalypsos will let you explore and rediscover the wastelands of North America, on foot and in vehicles, in both first and 3rd person modes. Players will enter […]

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