New Concept Art & Forum Updates

by Sigoya on August 3, 2010

It’s been a while but the Apokalypsos team is still marching forward with new developments and a little something for the community to enjoy. Concept Art section is featuring now five new characters: Rebels paramilitary commanders Huda and Jobard, Reformers leaders Chasca and Poco Caliente, and Camp Zero’s biggest pimp & underlord Big Vane. In addition to that we’ve also slipped by a bird’s eye view of Camp Zero and Chicago’s terrorist nuclear attack.

On the forum front, we’ve streamlined the main topics and moved all Apokalypsos related threads under “The Project” section, plus we’ve added a Post Apocalyptic Media topic, so we can discuss our favorite post-apocalyptic movies, books, music and art. If you are on LinkedIn, don’t forget to add P.A.M under your groups and help us promote Project Apokalypsos!

If you haven’t noticed yet, our Lead A.I. programmer Maniac will be sharing his knowledge and experiences while working on Apokalypsos right here in the A.I. Dev Diary. Maniac promised us a weekly entry, so feel free to troll his threads if he starts slacking!

Finally, I would like to thank our small but loyal brood of followers, and extend the invitation for all aspiring developers, artists, designers and programmers to check our project and help us in making it a reality!

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