Lethal Concept Invades Twitter

by Sigoya on April 6, 2010

The Fail Whale must be sweating his fins out, because Lethal Concept and its cronies are on Twitter now!

Better yet, you are invited to join us and share your post-apocalyptic news and tweets across the Twitosphere.  Here are our accounts:

Image Lethal Concept: http://twitter.com/LethalConcept

Image Sigoya: http://twitter.com/Sigoya 

Image Thor: http://twitter.com/Thorm

Stymer KewlDude: http://twitter.com/Stymer

Image TekHedd: http://twitter.com/TekHedd

Image TekHedd: http://twitter.com/HellSonix

Plus, you can always catch us lurking on the Apokalypsos forums and IRC 24/7. Cheers!

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